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1.  Founding of the Organization -  the Jaycees movement began in 1910 when the Herculaneum Dance Club was formed as a means to sociallyelevate its members..  It was so successful in prviding an atmosphere for social relationships that it and groups formed the Federation of Dancing Clubs.  An early leader of the dance federation, Henry "Hy" Giessenbier (deemed founder of Jaycees) was instrumental in changing the dance groups into a dynamic national organization. He desired todevelop the business skills and reputations of young men. He led a meeting of the Federation of Dancing Clubs on October 13,1915 at the Mission Inn in St. Louis, missouri. At this gathering, theYoung Men's Progressive Civic Association (YMPCA) was formed. After several name changes, the YMPCA became the Junior Chamber in 1920. Junior Chamber, J.C. abbreviated later to become Jaycees.

2.  Jaycee Creed -  is a statement of philosophy and beliefs adopted by the late C. William Brownfield of Columbus, Ohio.
We Believe
That faith in God gives meaning and purpose
to human life;
That the brotherhood of  man transends
the sovereignty of nations;
That economic justice can best be won by
free men through free enterprise;
That goverment should be of laws rather than of men;
That earth's great treasure lies in
human peronality;
And that service to humanity is the
best work of life.

3.  Purpose of  Member -  is to devote a portion of his or her time in service to the community to develop as a leader.

4.  Purpose of Chapter -  is to create an atmosphere by which the member can recieve the benefits of membership.

5.  Purpose of  State Organization -  is to help chapters fulfill thier purpose.

6.  Purpose of National and International Organizations -  is to create and foster the growth of member organizations ( state and local) throughout the United States and the world. Our impact reaches beyond our community, state , and our nation.

7.  Total Jaycee Concept -  involves having a balance of programs each area of Individual Development, Community Development, Management Development and Membership Development.

8.  Benefits -  four distinct benifits are derived.
      First, individual Jaycees can and will experience personal growth in planning and management of a local project.  In addition, the member will develop a strong sense of self-confidence in his ability.
      Second, local communities become the primary beneficiary.  It experiencees improved conditions and increased vitality.
      Third, the citizens of the community benefit from the chapter's development of community leaders.
      Fourth, the chapter benefits in growth.  Favorable local publicity and successful programs are certain to aid the chapter in both membership recruitment and the activation and retention of existing members.     
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Membership Dues are $50.00